It is the absolute reference point for those who seek quality and uniqueness in all that surrounds them.


is nothing but the result of a long world exploration and a  logic consequence of our working evolution. As refined “gourmets”, we decided to start, by proposing a complete world food line as an expression of excellence. We have been travelling to learn about the best the territory and mastery of people can offer; we have been tasting, smelling, admiring, selecting and collecting for us and for you a theory of impressions with the purpose of composing the true essence of well living, a very high gastronomical range. It's a new concept. Our primary intention was to create a "battle field" between two disciplines: “philosophy” and “history”, mixing food, music and childish curiosity. The only boundary is our own perception of the world or our “dreams”. Our is a call to abandon the daily rush that condemns us to live without tasting, without knowing, without enjoying life and to concede a break in a dimension, always less considered, of healthy material pleasures.

We are Chris & Aaron and we welcome you inside A place to live unique Chris & Aaron experiences.

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