Tea is art, science, culture, ritual, sensual pleasure, manual know-how.

We share the poetry of tea. An experience where flavours inspire and enlighten, the consciousness of being yourself, the joy of being there and the attention to what you leave behind. The gesture of a teapot which rises above a glass of golden arabesques speaks a universal language of conviviality, hospitality and reception. Tea was born to enhance, re-evaluate, and make people discover the heavens of tea and the nobility of a product that comes from the ground, is worked by human hands and consumed with a rite of outstanding cultural value.


... that taught me to walk the streets of the Tea. It’s beautiful seeing how there’s still forms of elegance and conviviality with how we do certain things. These cultural values are retained and passed down from each generation. Obviously things aren’t completely the same as changes are bound to happen, but I think it’s beautiful seeing how there’s still forms that recur with how we do certain things. I think it contributes to why at times it could feel like I captured  a real moment in any era. This re-propose how certain cultural rituals are carried out is vital to ensuring younger generations are able to retain a sense of identity. with love Kevin

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There are so many images and so many stories behind these. With my Tea I would like to tell that feeling that emerges when a memory is evoked ... and it cannot be replaced. I will be on hand to give personal recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.

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