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Manuka New Zealand - Essential oil

Manuka New Zealand
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Manuka New Zealand. essential oil. Manuka has been traditionally used by New Zealand’s native Maori people for skin, respiratory and digestive ailments. Manuka essential oil is similar in action to Australian Tea Tree and possibly even more powerful in its antibacterial activity, yet is gentler on the skin and with a more herbaceous aroma. Our Manuka oil comes from New Zealand’s East Cape, known for especially high levels of the antimicrobial triketone compounds.

Tips for use:  FOR THE SKIN - Manuka oil has been shown in several studies to have powerful antimicrobial activity against a broad range of organisms including antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. It also soothes inflammation and aids healing making it highly recommended for minor wounds and infections, acne, boils, warts, fungal conditions of the nails or skin, insect bites or stings, and other skin irritations. Manuka is gentler and less drying on the skin compared to Tea Tree. FOR THE BODY - Manuka is great as a cleansing inhalation during coughs and colds to help clear the respiratory system, support immune defences and aid recovery. It is also useful in a massage oil to ease stiff or sore muscles and joints. FOR THE MIND - Despite its bracing aroma, Manuka is soothing to the mind, helping to centre and calm especially for those who are oversensitive, and encourage expansiveness and vitality. FOR THE HOME - A first aid kit essential, Manuka oil may also be a welcome addition to the garden shed as studies show it to be an effective natural herbicide to help eradicate unwanted weeds. It also makes a powerful addition to household cleaning blends, and when diffused can help purify the air.

Ingredients: 100% natural New Zealand manuka oil – steamdistillation. Content: leptospermum scoparium.

Editor's note: Manuka honey is a complex honey that goes far beyond a simple table honey. It has been the focus of extensive scientific research evidencing remarkable natural properties that set it apart from other honeys and make it so highly prized throughout the world. Manuka honey requires special care and expertise to optimise and protect its special natural properties. Methylglyoxal (MGO) has been demonstrated to be the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special. MGO is formed in the honey from Manuka nectar, and as the honey ripens, the MGO content can increase. This requires expert handling and storage, and precise testing of the honey is essential to certify potency, quality and purity. Stringent regulations must be met at all stages of this process. [Auckland - New Zealand]

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