Tartuflanghe - Plin with Fondue

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Piedmont - Alba - IT

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Tartuflanghe small artisan ravioli stuffed with cheese fondue and truffle. The “Ravioli al plin” are the typical handmade first course of the tradition from Piedmont. The “plin” is the dialectal word which means the “pinch” used to close and seal the pasta. These small artisan ravioli are stuffed with delicious cheese fondue and truffle.

Serving suggestions: melted butter and a shaved white truffle.

Ingredients: pasta: wheat flour, eggs,  filling: cheese fondue with truffle.

Editor's note: Ravioli al plin are the most traditional stuffed pasta in Piedmont, in which the rectangular egg-based dough contains a filling typical of the regional gastronomy. This pasta, whose name “plin” comes from the word “pinch”, the technique used to close the ravioli by hand, are very small and usually seasoned with butter, sage and cheese, meat or roast ragù, or savoured in broth. The texture, lightness and porosity of the dough is perfect to be paired with Tartuflanghe sauces, which are made according to original, traditional recipes. [Alba - Piedmont, Italy]

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